Fenton Records has the technology and gear for your in-studio recording and live performances. We have the equipment and experience to take your sound to the next level.

Studio Equipment

Mixing consoles

* Allen & Health GL4000, 40-channel console


DAW Mix Controllers

* Mackie Control Surface with motorized faders

* Mackie Control Extender with motorized faders


Control Room Monitors

* Focal nearfield pair

* Mackie sub


Audio Interfaces

* MOTU 24Ai

* MOTU 24Ao



* 2 Gefell M-300

* Wunder CM7 FET

* 6 Shure SM-57

* 4 Shure SM-58

* Shure SM-86

* AKG D-112

* CAD FET multi-pattern

* 2x passive direct boxes


Headphone Monitor System

* Hearback 8-input AVB ethernet

* Sony headphones



* Acoustic piano

* Acoustic guitar

* Electric guitar

* Hammond B3 organ with 2 Leslie cabs


Front of House Equipment

Mixing console

* Presonus StudioLive 24-4-2



* Top: 2x Mackie 15-inch plus horn

* Bottoms: 2x 18-inch sub



* Tops/Bottoms: 2x QSC 1200w

* Monitors: 2x QSC 750w



* Main stage: 24x8x150 (XLR)

* Cross stage: 8x0x25 (XLR)

* Amp returns: 8x0x12 (XLR)