We can do it all at Fenton Records and we want to help you achieve your goals whether it’s taking a lesson to improve your skills, recording your music or fine-tuning it with our mixing and mastering knowledge.

Recording: Fenton’s studio space and hi-tech gear are available to record acts of any style and size. We give musicians everything we have to maximize their talent and sound.

Mixing: Fenton will take the work from your recording sessions, whether done at our facility or elsewhere, and refine them to make your music sound better than it ever has before. Our experts can achieve your goal sound by taking multiple tracks and adjusting levels and effects to flow together.

Mastering: Often confused with mixing, mastering refers to the final production step that puts a polish on the album’s sound. At Fenton, we make sure your album is consistent and balanced across all individual tracks.

Promotion and Booking: Fenton can help solo acts and bands looking for gigs and promotion by using our resources to find venues for live performances. We will scout sites and get your foot in the door with booking agents. Fenton will promote your upcoming show and help you build a following.

Voiceovers: Fenton can put the final touch on your commercial or video with professional voiceover services in our state-of-the-art studios.

Forensic Audio Restoration: Fenton has the equipment to transfer your older, degrading audio formats to CDs or a digital mp3 file. The sound of a vintage vinyl album will shine through and a custom cassette can be copied to preserve memories.

Fenton Records Pricing:

Studio Rate includes Engineer: $50 per hour
Package rates are negotiable